Mythri Movie Makers Don't have Hope on Hero Ravi Teja on his Latest movie Nela Ticket | Tollywood Express

Mythri Movie Makers on Ravi teja after Nela Ticket Movie, Yes ! Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja used to score good hits with the routine content at the box office until a few years ago. But he didn’t score a good hit for a long time. Though ‘Raja The Great’ fared decently well at the box office,’Touch Chesi Chudu’ turned out to be a dud. The reports of his latest film ‘Nela Ticket’ are not that encouraging.
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Top production house Mythri Movie Makers have signed a two-film deal with Ravi Teja a few months ago. The two films will be helmed by Srinu Vaitla and Santosh Srinivas. Considering the present form of Mass Raja and the two directors, it is tough for the Mythri banner to raise the interest on the film to sell the movie for fancy rates.
The first film in the two-movie deal is ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’ with Srinu Vaitla. He hit the rock bottom as a director with three back to back disasters of ‘Aagadu’.. ‘Bruce Lee’.. ‘Mister’. As Ravi Teja is going through a rough phase now, the buyers may not offer fancy prices for the film. If the movie becomes a success then it is ok otherwise Santosh Srinivas movie may not materialise!